Buy Tricajus

Applicable for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia only.

Buy one sachet = RM10
Buy three sachets = RM25

Buy one box (15 sachets) only RM125

*Buy three boxes (45 sachets) only RM330

* Those who buy 3 boxes will be automatically register as a member.

Normal delivery post charge applicable for the buyer from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.
Free shipping cost for the buyer from peninsular Malaysia region.

How to buy:

Option one:

This option is recommended for the buyer from Malaysia only.

Online transfer fund or cash deposit in to May Bank, RHB Bank or CIMB Bank  

May  Bank  Acc  No:     1030 1608 5994

RHB  Bank  Acc. No:    1030 1100 1738 54

CIMB Bank Acc. No:    0208 0089 8165 29

Don't forget to send sms or directly call to +6019-5103661 for confirmation of your payment and you may need to inform us with:

  • Name of buyer
  • Mail address
  • Quantity of product to buy.
  • Your contact no or email address if any.
  • Amounts of money paid.

The proses will take place within 12 hrs. 

Option Two

>>>>>building in progress<<<<<<<

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